MTCNA Barcelona, english, February 2018.

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Training Outline

MTCNA = MikroTik Certified Network Associate

MTCNA is the first module of all the MT training sessions for their operative system RouterOS.

This training session is a complete guide for network managers and users who whish to begin learning skills for programming Mikrotik RouterOS equipment, or for those who would like to reinforce their expertise in order to become a Mikrotik senior consultant to incur into complex projects.

The module begins with a brief description of RouterOS and the main characteristics introduced in version 6.

You will review the fundameltals of routing with some exercises. The wireless section won’t be very detailed as in MTCWE, however, it will be enough to comprehend wireless essentials and some labs with AP-station connection.

The Firewall section provides some details of the main rules that have to be configured to protect a network and router itself in a leyer-3 TCP/IP network.

Simple Queues rules are the introduction to the MTCTCE advanced traffic control rules.

You will be tought to establish some sort of VPN PPP Tunnel protocols such as PPPoE, PPTP or SSTP. (client and server)

This certification is very important, because it helps to develop skills to be able to reach the higher level Mikrotik training programs.

When finishing this course, the student will be familiarized with the RouterOS software and RouterBoard hardware. They could also program, manage and do basic troubleshooting using any Mikrotik router, and provide basic services to customers.

More detailed information regarding this training session:

Mikrotik, routerOS & routerBoard

Mikrotik is a hardware manufacturer and software developer with headquarters in Riga, Latvia. Their productos are able to adapt, from a home simple network, to a backbone complex carrier network. Their operative system routerOS that run on their devices are easy to program and configure using a graphic inteface tool, CLI or even web access.

Investing in this Mikrotik training session will empower the technician or engineer to many business oportunities. Mikrotik competitor brands (Cisco, Juniper, HP, etc) are up to 10 times more expensive, with the same reliability.

Wireless hardware products can let you deploy backhaul point-to-point long-distance links with high speed and reliability. Sector or onmidirectional antennas can help you distribute wireless signals in a very efficient way. Their optic fiber accessories are also an excellent complement to long-distance cabling projects or ISP.

The trainer will introduce the higher level sessions for those who would be interested in continue learning.

Target audience

  • Engineers, network managers, NOC operators, tehnicians, etc who would like to offer toubleshooting or remote support to private corporate networks, ISP or WISP.
  • People who are interested in taking the higher level training sessions (MTCNA is prerequisite)
  • Help Desk technicians
  • People that already have taken the MTCNA training previously, but has expired. (It lasts 3 years)

Course prerequisites

The student must have a good understanding of TCP/IP and subnetting, as well as some Wi-Fi fundamentals.

Date and time

  • Saturday, February 24, 2018 from 9h00 to 19h00.
  • Sunday, February 25, 2018 from 9h00 to 19h00.
  • Breaks:
    • 11h15 10 minutes coffee break
    • 13:30 1 hour for lunch. Complete meal included.
    • 17:15 10 minutes coffee break


Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.

*Address to be confirmed.



*The course is oriented to international students. Students with medium level of English can recieve help or make queries in Spanish throughout the course.


  • 490€ normal price
  • 10% discount MWC attendees
  • 10% undergraduate engineering students
  • 10% Meswifi associates
  • Price does not include 21% VAT (can be exonerated)
  • Special discounts for groups, or companies.

Paying methods

The place must be reserved with the advance payment of at least 50% of the value by any of the mentioned methods and attach the voucher or receipt to this e-mail:

  • Deposit or bank transfer to any of the following Spanish entities
    • CaixaBank
    • Banco Santander
    • ING Direct
    • Banco Pichincha España
  • Paypal
  • Credit/Debit card (Transaction would be processed Ecuador using USD currency considering  1€=$1,25
  • The remaining 50% can be paid before beginning training program in cash.
  • Any inquire regarding any of the discounts, or to apply to any of them, please email us to:


There must be al least 4 enrolled students. The maximum amount is 20. In case of not reaching the minimum ammount of students, the course would not procede and could be canceled. Students that have already pay in advance would be totally refunded.

What comes with the course

  • Included Mikrotik hAP lite router as a gift to you!!! You will use it to do lab excersices, and then take it home.
  • PDF documentation
  • Meal (complete menu), coffee breaks and snacks
  • Online official exam
  • Official certification with online Mikrotik MTCNA diploma valid for 3 years
  • 1 hour of consulting or private session via Skype with trainer valid for the following 30 days

We recommend you to bring:

  • Pen
  • Notebook
  • 2 Patch cords CAT5e or CAT6 RJ-45 at least 2 metros long
  • Laptop computer, Windows OS and Ethernet network adapter
  • Electric extension cord or strip (we have some, but could be not enough, remember 220V european schuko plug)


  • Emilio Piovesan
  • Certified Mikrotik trainer since August 2017 in Mikrotik headquarters un Riga, Letonia.
  • Linkedin Profile   

For further information, write or call

  • +34 610 039753
  • +34 91 1875 590 ext 4002
  • +1 305 9676782 ext 4002
  • +593 9 99422000 (WhatsApp)


To register please send an e-mail with the following information to

  • Name and surname
  • Telephone (include prefix)
  • City and country of origin
  • Professional activity or company
  • Preferred payment method

* In the next days we will be enabling an automatic form.